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What You Should Know About Arthritis in Cats

Arthritis is more common in cats than most people think. Studies demonstrate that more than 90% of cats older than 10 years of age have evidence of arthritis on X-rays, but many cases go undiagnosed and untreated, because cats adeptly hide pain. Our Island Animal Hospital team wants your cat to have an optimal quality [...]

5 Tips to Pet-Proof Your Home

Owning a pet requires a lot of responsibility, and their antics can sometimes endanger their wellbeing and damage your possessions. Our Island Animal Hospital team knows how chaotic owning a pet can be. To protect your pet and your belongings read our home pet-proofing tips. #1: Ensure your pet gets adequate exercise Pets need mental [...]

Pet Dental Cleanings: What You Need to Know

Professional dental cleanings are an important part of your pet’s dental health care. However, many pet owners are unsure about when their pet needs their first cleaning, and how often their pet’s teeth should be cleaned. Each pet’s dental cleaning schedule is different, but here are a few guidelines you can follow to determine the [...]

Cat and Dog Dental Health FAQs

Understanding how to care for your pet’s dental health is important for their overall health and comfort. Without proper dental care, your four-legged friend can suffer from painful periodontal problems and organ disease. Read on to learn more about dental disease in pets and how you can prevent them from suffering with this major health [...]

7 Winter Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Winter weather extremes can be unpleasant and inconvenient, and many of us count the days until the sun shines warmly again. Cold temperatures, snow, and ice can also be downright dangerous, not only for you and your human family, but also your pets. Contrary to popular belief, most pets’ fur does not adequately protect them [...]

Fluffy and Fido’s Top New Year’s Resolutions

Did you set a New Year’s resolution for 2023? Around half of Americans participate in this tradition each year, and about half of those people feel the resolution helped them reach their goals. The new year signals a fresh start and is a great time not only to evaluate your own personal health and wellbeing, [...]

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