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Fluffy and Fido’s Top New Year’s Resolutions

Did you set a New Year’s resolution for 2023? Around half of Americans participate in this tradition each year, and about half of those people feel the resolution helped them reach their goals. The new year signals a fresh start and is a great time not only to evaluate your own personal health and wellbeing, but also your pet’s. Island Animal Hospital feels that the best 2023 resolutions are those that provide a solid foundation for pet health and happiness—preventive and wellness care. Here are a few ideas from Fluffy the cat and Fido the dog to get you started.

Fluffy the cat: Have more fun

Mental and emotional wellness are equally important for my physical health, and engaging and enriching indoor cats like me helps to prevent behavioral problems, provides exercise and activity for weight control, and strengthens our bond. Set aside time each day to play with toys or engage in another activity, such as brushing, that I enjoy. You can also resolve in 2023 to make cat-friendly home modifications that will increase my activity level, including:

  • Adding cat trees and scratching posts
  • Adding vertical space using shelves, hammocks, and catwalks
  • Purchasing interactive toys and feeder puzzles

Fido the dog: Fix my bad breath so everyone enjoys my kisses

We all know that dogs—especially me—love to lick faces, but most pets over age 3 have the beginning stages of dental disease, which can make their kisses less than pleasant. Disease in small, toy, and brachycephalic breeds generally progresses more quickly, but all pets need preventive dental care to keep their mouth healthy. Untreated dental disease leads to bad breath, pain, tooth loss, and systemic bacterial infections that can damage major organs. Implement daily preventive dental care with tooth brushing in 2023, or ask my veterinarian about other products that may help.

Fluffy: Learn to love my carrier

Most cats hate getting into a carrier and leaving their homes, which leads to stressful veterinary visits for everyone involved. This is one of many reasons why cats like me are taken to the veterinarian less often than dogs, despite our equal need for annual preventive care and wellness examinations. Help your cat acclimate to their carrier to lower their stress, so they visit the veterinarian at least yearly. When our veterinarian detects disease or other changes early, instead of waiting until we get sick, they can treat us before the disease gets really bad. Learn how to help your cat love their carrier here.

Fido: Lose my “puppy” weight

According to veterinarian and pet owner surveys, around half of American dogs and cats are overweight. This staggering statistic translates to increased disease risks, including arthritis and diabetes. Helping your dog lose weight is an excellent goal for 2023, but as with humans, this requires long-term lifestyle changes. So, ensure I get daily exercise in the form of walks, running in the yard, or playing inside, and that you encourage Fluffy to play and run. However, you should not necessarily restrict our current food, which could cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Ask our veterinarian for diet recommendations that will reduce our energy intake while maintaining proper nutrition.

Fluffy: Get rid of pesky fleas

Parasites are tiny creatures that create huge problems for pets, including serious or deadly disease transmission. All pets, including indoor cats like me, are susceptible to infestation with fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites. Some pets will have noticeable signs, while others seem perfectly fine, so don’t rely on my behavior to decide whether you should proactively treat and prevent parasites. Ask our veterinarian to get Fido and me started on parasite treatment and prevention, and commit to treating us each month in 2023.

Fido: Protect myself from disease so I can meet new friends

Walking outside, going to the dog park, or meeting up with other neighborhood dogs are great ways for me to exercise, be mentally stimulated, and help fulfill my social needs. But, I should be up-to-date on my vaccinations before I can safely interact with other pets and get out and about around town. Vaccinations also keep me from acquiring or passing along deadly diseases like rabies, distemper, and leptospirosis, and protect me from common illnesses, such as kennel cough. Disease can spread through wildlife too, and simply going outside can put me at risk if I’m unvaccinated. Don’t forget that indoor cats like Fluffy also need vaccines.

Take some inspiration from Fluffy and Fido to develop your own pet New Year’s Resolutions. The Island Animal Hospital team are experts in preventive and wellness care, so contact us to schedule a visit or consultation to keep your pet healthy in 2023.

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